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Free Zastava Repair Service Manuals


Although there is some debate over the quality of cars being produced in the area formerly known as ”behind the Iron Curtain”, the durability of the cars produced in that area has been shown over time by such producers as Lada or Skoda. Among the many others who have managed to produce some fine cars, Zastava have managed to export quite a number of cars. Created in the former Yugoslavia – that part of it now known as Serbia – the company is perhaps best known for the Yugo, a vehicle which is driven in numerous regions. Having been bought out by Fiat, the Zastava company are not an entity in themselves, but still produces cars.
If you own a Zastava car, you will undoubtedly want to keep it on the road because it is a machine that will serve you well. However, like any other car, even one built to deal with the tougher conditions found in Eastern Europe will have its faults from time to time. In order to deal with these problems, it is important to have a service manual that allows you to recognize the faults which are occurring and perhaps correct them yourself. If you cannot correct them yourself, you can at least get a heads-up on the problem and get it fixed more quickly.

Where Can I Find A Zastava Service Manual?

The best place to find a Zastava service manual is by downloading it from this site. It is totally free of charge and will save you a considerable amount of money both in cost and in repair work.