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Free ZAZ Repair Service Manuals


Having operated for the last century out of the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, the ZAZ company is one of the longest-running vehicle manufacturers currently operating out of Eastern Europe. In recent years they have actually increased their production, with 2008 being their most productive years of recent memory. Although during the Soviet era the company was never quite as popular as Russian manufacturer Lada, it has really increased its popularity in recent years since the break-up of the Soviet Union. Famed for their attempts to build a ”people’s car”, the ZAZ company seems set for a few years of trading to come.
Anyone who drives a ZAZ automobile will be conscious of the efficiency of these automobiles, but as they are mostly built, bought and driven in the area previously known as being ”behind the Iron Curtain”, it can be difficult to get repairs carried out on any ZAZ car that you own. However, if you have a service manual for your car, you can always look at carrying out repairs on your own. Even if the job is beyond your abilities, you can get a good idea of what needs done prior to passing on the information to your mechanic.

Where Can I Find A ZAZ Service Manual?

One of the few places you can find an English-language service manual is on this site. You can download one from here and, what is more, you can download it free of charge. When you have saved it to your hard drive, you can then print off a copy to keep in your glove compartment.